USA Specialized 2021/2022

ISBN: 9783954023714

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USA Specialized 2021/2022

Content: United States of America, Guam, Hawaii, Confederate States of America, Cuba (1898–1902), Panama Canal Zone, Philippines (1898–1946) and Puerto Rico (1898–1900)


  • 10th Anniversary edition after a 7-year break!
  • Many new colour photos, also in the classic collection area
  • Quick identification of individual stamps due to our ABC list, which has been updated and supplemented to include today’s FOREVER issues
  • Revision and adaptation of all 75000+ price quotations that show particularly significant price increases of classic issues in good quality and mint condition
  • Plus increases in value concerning contemporary type variations with flawed colours or perforation
  • Nearly 800 principal numbers have been added for the first time, most of which have been separated based on postage rate increases and several print shops involved and broken down in a clear and detailed way.
  • All novelties presented in MICHEL Rundschau up to No. 7/2021 have been catalogued
  • Over 7000 colour photos and approx. 75,500 appraisals



Edition: 10th
Pages: 928
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 6 August 2021