MeinMICHEL for Countries, Printed on Demand

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MeinMICHEL for Countries, Printed on Demand

Content: MeinMICHEL for countries are printed excerpts from the current MICHEL volumes Germany, Germany Specialized, Europe and Overseas. As always, these MICHEL volumes are written in German language unless otherwise stated - therefore these excerpts are also German!

Description: The content of the areas corresponds exactly to the current volumes. Areas can only be ordered in full and price quotations cannot be changed. Several areas can be put together individually.

You will receive the desired collection area(s) in a high-quality print; from 80 pages in hardcover. On request, we can personalize your MICHEL at no extra charge (with your name or dedication on the front page). Minimum size per order 48 pages (+ 4 introductory pages free). Maximum size per MICHEL 756 pages. Price per page € 0.60. Payment only by direct debit, credit card or PayPal. Delivery approx. 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of payment.


Pages: 48 to 756
Format: Soft- or Hardcover