Baltic States and Finland 2022/2023 (E 11)

ISBN: 9783954023912

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Baltic States and Finland 2022/2023 (E 11)


Estonia, Finland, Karelia, Latvia, Lithuania, Central Lithuania, North Ingermanland.


  • This new edition features several new type and perforation variations from Estonia and Latvia.
  • The Editorial Team included numerous supplements, such as detailed information about the postal tariff rates of tariff-coded stamps from Finland and Åland, information regarding special print details of the early issues from Lithuania, additional set prices, the appraisals of Latvian stamp pairs from booklets as well as information on the withdrawal of ruble and lats stamps from currency.
  • Other improvements include: the differentiation of the Estonian Tartu local issue into three colours and additional colour pictures of early postage stamps from Lithuania.
  • Throughout this edition, you will find modifications of appraisals with particularly numerous price increases of rare items, such as Lithuanian rarities, the local issue from Telšiai and Latvian stamps of the time period between WW I and II.
  • Over 5100 colour photos and approx. 27,000 price quotations
  • Features all novelties introduced in MICHEL Rundschau up to and including No. 8/2022



Edition: 107th
Pages: 544
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, Hardcover
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 2 September 2022