Handbook German Reich – Se-tenant Prints

ISBN: 9783954023004

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Handbook German Reich – Se-tenant Prints


Comprehensive introduction, cataloguing and description of the se-tenant prints issued in the German Reich.


  • Clear layout with lots of details. Everything there is to know about the se-tenant prints of the German Reich on the regular and the specialized level
  • The author Jürgen Hettinger presents the latest research findings concerning one of Germany’s most popular collection areas!
  • Further specialized expertise on the se-tenant prints in the MICHEL stamp booklet German Reich
  • Including information about the history and origin of these se-tenant prints for collectors interested in philatelic history and information about the different options of applying them to the numerous German collection areas
  • Features many specialties not recorded before and numerous new photos
  • Price appraisals for single and multiple franking of same type
  • Included are appraisals for collectible letters with insufficient postage


Edition: 1st
Pages: 752
Format: Hardcover
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