Colour Guide – polyglot edition

ISBN: 9783878588450

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Colour Guide – polyglot edition


The Colour Guide makes not only the comparison of colours easy for philatelists but also in other fields of activities e.g. ornithology, archaeology, fashion and many more. Multilingual instructions in German, English, French, Italian and Spain.


  • New: Punched Hole Pattern enables an exact colour definition
  • 600 colour plates in shaded nuances
  • 31 colour plates with paper colours of coil ends of German Coil stamps
  • 114 basic colours in always 5 shades
  • Shades of the colours white, grey and black
  • Numerous brightness and dark shades
  • Every colour with MICHEL colour codes
We are often asked: Why is the MICHEL colour guide not available at a lower price?
The special printing process in which the colour plates of the MICHEL colour guide were created is extremely costly both in the preparation (mixing of the colours), in the printing itself (colours have to be applied one after the other to ensure absolute homogeneity) and in the finishing. There are individual products on the market that are produced using common printing methods such as offset printing. However, every passionate stamp collector is of course aware that this printing process is in no way suitable for colour matching with stamps. Even if the colours should be exactly right here, matching is no longer possible at the latest when a linen tester is applied.


Edition: 38. Edition, in colour
Pages: 61