Colour Fan Compact

ISBN: 9783954024506

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Colour Fan Compact


Colour variations often determine the value of a stamp. However, people's perception of colour is very subjective. With the help of approx. 300 colour plates, the MICHEL colour fan compact enables a reliable differentiation of the most important basic colours which are necessary for stamp identification.


  • Newly published by MICHEL: Identifying colour shades with the naked eye!
  • This MICHEL Compact Colour Fan with its 360 colour cards enables you to safely distinguish between the most important basic shades that are necessary for the identification of stamps.
  • 360 colours in various shades
  • The MICHEL colour coding systemizes the specification of colour shades and makes the communication in different languages easier.
  • All colour samples are completely filled in, making it easier to compare the shades by putting them next to the stamp that needs to be identified.
  • Manual included
  • Contains 66 sheets


Edition: 1st Edition
Pages: 66
Format: Fan approx. 4 x 20cm
First Day of Sale: 19 Mai 2023