Berlin West

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Berlin West


Completely in English language!

German stamps issued in the western section of Berlin between 1948 and 1990, including se-tenant prints and stamp booklets.


  • This title presents English-speaking collectors with another globally popular German collection area with detailed MICHEL information.
  • “Berlin (West)“ is the sequel to the successful first part – “German Reich” – of the English MICHEL series.
  • The issues from West Berlin document the historically exciting era of the Cold War from the perspective of the “frontline“ of those days.
  • The detailed information, which is traditional for MICHEL catalogues, and price quotations were revised and reflect the current state of research based on the latest edition of MICHEL Germany.
  • Over 1200 colour photos and approx. 5500 price quotations


Edition: 1st
Pages: 96
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 3 Dezember 2021