Handbook Plate Flaws Breast Plates

ISBN: 9783954021536

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Handbook Plate Flaws Breast Plates

Content: The handbook is suitable for advanced specialised collectors who are also interested in the minor plate flaws in this edition.


  • New: With hardcover and ribbon bookmark
  • Latest research results since the 2nd edition from 2002
  • Lots of newly discovered plate flaws - the book has almost doubled!
  • Detailed description of known and many new plate flaws (including position on the stamp)
  • New insights into the printing process of the breast plate stamps with a precise description
  • Addition of a lot of information, such as field information and missing perforation holes
  • Numerous new colour images that replace parts of the description of the plate defect
  • Price quotations have been carefully checked and adjusted to the current market situation; a lot of price changes
  • Around 900 illustrations and over 3000 price quotations


Edition: 3rd
Pages: 328
Format: Hardcover