Luxembourg 2021

ISBN: 9783954023257

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Luxembourg 2021


All stamps issued by Luxemburg from 1852 to the end of 2020, including the German occupation issues in World War II and the private issues of POST Luxemburg


  • The 7th edition is bilingual again: in German and French, printed in different colours that make it easier to find the texts in one language
  • Fully revised and updated
  • More special information, particularly on classic stamps: Now it also includes appraisals of letters up to 1940 (MiNo. 342) and the latest research results on the initial use of the classic issues of Luxemburg.
  • You will find numerous modifications to appraisals, particularly when it comes to tax stamps from Luxemburg, in this edition, which succeeds the last edition published two years ago.
  • Many additional editorial improvements and supplements, such as new numbers of issues and additional hyperlinks
  • More than 1800 colour photos and approx. 500 price quotations
  • All novelties up to the end of 2020, including the so-called Mengpost stamps (the Luxemburg POST’s own issues)


Edition: 7th
Pages: 200
First Day of Sale: 4 Dezember 2020