Apennine Peninsula 2022 (E 5)

ISBN: 9783954023851

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Apennine Peninsula 2022 (E 5)


Fiume, Italy, San Marino, Trieste (Zone A), Vatican City.


  • Focal point Fiume: The collection area has been completely revised, including 107 new type variations, an improved appraisal method, more differentiated details on types of paper as well as higher price quotations for nearly all issues.
  • The MICHEL Editorial Team has revised the price quotations throughout the whole volume and updated whenever required by new market conditions.
  • Apart from the stamps issued by Fiume, price increases can be found among ex-pensive stamps issued by Italy and Vatican City as well as tariff-coded issues from Italy.
  • Other editorial improvements, such as additional information about the stamp ar-rangements on booklet sheets, were added regarding issues from Vatican City.
  • More than 7500 colour photos and approx. 31,600 price quotations
  • Features all novelties listed in MICHEL Rundschau up to and including No. 4/2022



Edition: 107th
Pages: 672
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, Hardcover
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 6 Mai 2022