Fire Department - Whole World

ISBN: 9783954023134

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Fire Department - Whole World


Issues from all over the world that depict fire department motifs


  • The first edition that is dedicated to a globally popular collection area
  • Even the Antiquity already saw organised fire departments, and the fire hose was invented as early as in the third century before Christ!
  • This new MICHEL volume presents issues that depict the equipment of firemen and their tasks and actions as well as fires, their causes, consequences and, last but not least, how to prevent fires.
  • For the selection of the stamps included in this first edition of the new motif volume, the MeinMICHEL technology that customers also have access to and that is part of the MICHEL Online Database was applied for the first time.
  • Over 200 collection areas that include issues starting in 1937 feature this theme!
  • More than 2000 colour photos and approx. 15,000 price appraisals
  • Includes novelties up to MICHEL Rundschau 3/2020


Edition: 1st
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
First Day of Sale: 19 Juni 2020