CEPT 2019

ISBN: 9783954022571

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CEPT 2019


All joint issues of CEPT, respectively PostEurope countries, including forerunner issues and sympathy/follower issues, official stamps for the Council of Europe, NATO, EFTA, joint issues of Scandinavia, CSCE, list of year sets.


  • Stamps of the collection area that focuses on joint issues plus a lot of specialized information
  • The Benelux countries, Greece, Turkey, the Scandinavian countries and others show price increases
  • Many other price fluctuations, including specially significant fluctuations for German type variations
  • Newly discovered type variations in the collection areas of Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland and Austria
  • Additional information about the end of the postal validity of older stamps issued by the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Vatican City, Monaco and Portugal
  • Division of gutter pairs into vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Supplement of the sheet sizes of issues from Cyprus
  • Unified cataloguing of stamp booklets throughout the volume
  • Approx. 5700 pictures and more than 22 000 price quotations
  • All new issues up to MICHEL-Rundschau 12/2018 have been catalogued


Edition: 44th
Pages: 560
Format: 150 mm x 225 mm, paperback
Publishing House: Schwaneberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 7 Dezember 2018