Signoscope T3 - Watermark Finder and Tester

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Signoscope T3 - Watermark Finder and Tester


NEW: Now with powerful LEDs - 8 light colours can be selected (including white light), dimmable


The Signoscope T3 is the further development of the SAFE-Signoscope, the first optical-electrical watermark finder and testing device, which is used thousands of times around the world. The device works completely without chemicals and therefore without any risk to the brands. The handling is very simple. In addition to watermarks, you can also recognize repairs, degrees of preservation, quality defects and paper irregularities. And this in a new, fascinating way.

The new Signoscope T3 has become much more powerful; it works with 3 powerful LEDs, which are also hardly susceptible to wear and tear and are very energy-saving. These LEDs guarantee optimal illumination of the brand. The Signoscope T3 reveals what was previously hidden and makes watermark differences visible, which can mean a significant difference in value between the brands. The LED light sources are continuously dimmable. In this way you will find optimal illumination for every brand to be checked, as it is not always said that maximum light irradiation necessarily brings out the watermark to its best advantage. The intensity of the light sources is set by moving the control button up and down (+ and -).

In addition, the stamp can be examined with 8 different light colors, which in turn are all dimmable. Watermarks, paper irregularities or repairs can appear differently depending on the light color and can also be more recognizable. The following 8 light colors can be freely selected: brown, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, violet and of course white daylight as the central examination light. These different colors can significantly improve the test result, e.g. by irradiating a (mainly) red-grounded mark with red light and thereby “neutralizing” the red printing ink that may shine through on the reverse of the mark. The watermark now stands out more clearly and is no longer disturbed by undesirable color influences. The light color is selected by moving the control button to the right and left.

Dimensions: 135 x 70 x 90 mm. Incl. USB cable and power plug 220 V.