MeinMICHEL for Countries on USB Stick

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MeinMICHEL for Countries on USB Stick

Content: MeinMICHEL for countries are excerpts from the current MICHEL volumes Germany, Germany Specialized, Europe and Overseas as PDF documents on USB Datastick. As always, these MICHEL volumes are written in German language unless otherwise stated - therefore these excerpts are also German!

Description: The content of the areas corresponds exactly to the respective current catalogues. Areas can only be ordered in full and price quotations cannot be changed. All PDFs are provided with a personal dedication and a digital watermark (steganogram) on each page to protect the copyright. The PDFs can be saved as desired and are readable on all types of devices with Acrobat Reader V.4 or higher.

If you order several areas at the same time, you will receive each PDF on a separate USB stick, unless expressly requested otherwise.

The prices for a collection area depend on the respective number of pages in the current issue of MICHEL and can be taken from the list selection.

Number of pages in the current MICHEL Price for the USB stick in Euro
up to 20 19.80
up to 100 29.80
up to 200 34.80
up to 300 39.80
over 300 49.80


Format: PDF on USB-Stick
First Day of Sale: 18 Mai 2022