West Africa 2019 (OC 5.1)

ISBN: 978395402564

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West Africa 2019 (OC 5.1)


Bénin (including Dahomey), Burkina Faso (including Upper Volta), Ivory Coast, French West Africa, Gambia, Ghana (including the Gold Coast), Guinea (including French Guinea), Guinea-Bissau (including Portuguese Guinea).


  • New: hardcover with book marker
  • First new edition since 2013!
  • Price appraisals reviewed and adapted throughout the whole edition
  • Numerous new, high-resolution colour illustrations; over 500 additional pictures
  • Novelties up to the later part of 2018 catalogued with more than 8000 new MICHEL numbers
  • Editorial improvements and supplements can be found particularly for the collection areas of Gambia, Ghana and Guinea
  • Over 10 000 illustrations with approx. 62 000 price quotations


Edition: 40th
Pages: 800
Format: Hardcover
First Day of Sale: 4 Januar 2019