Reading Old German Scripts

ISBN: 9783954024087

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Reading Old German Scripts

Content: German scripts from the 16th Century until today on six tables, accompanied by a booklet with instructions and transcribed sample texts as well as two additional tables for your own script styles: Kurrent, Old German Scripts, Suetterlin Script, Latin Script, Walbaum-Fraktur, Arial



  • MICHEL not only helps you to understand stamps but also to decipher the texts they transport!
  • Simple assistance is finally available to all philatelists, lovers of literature, students, hobby genealogists and anyone else interested in history
  • Simple, to the point yet as informative as always: This MICHEL assistance lets you directly start to read scripts in old German types of characters. In addition to many helpful sample transcripts, short background texts inform readers about the use, origin and prevalence of all featured types of script.
  • Additional charts enable users to familiarize themselves with characteristics and prominent styles of any document so as to identify them more quickly in the future.
  • Each letter from A to Z is presented in Kurrent, old German script, Suetterlin, Latin script and Walbaum-Fraktur and its counterpart is translated into the Arial font type.



Edition: 1st
Pages: 6 script tables, 2 transcription tables and a 24-page booklet
Format: A5 format
Publishing House: Schwameberger Verlag
First Day of Sale: 3 Dezember 2021