Luxembourg Specialized 2022/2023 (E-book)

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Luxembourg Specialized 2022/2023 (E-book)

Content: Luxembourg stamp issues from 1852 to 2022 including German occupation issues in World War II, POST Luxembourg private issues, vending machine stamps, stamp booklets and se-tenants, official stamps, postage stamps, telegraph stamps, cover valuations up to 1940.


  • Bilingual: German (black texts) and French (blue texts)
  • The detailed information on Luxembourg philately including numerous special catalogues have been completely revised and updated editorially.
  • Many valuation changes throughout the volume, significant adjustments for rate-coded stamps.
  • Additional valuation information on Luxembourg se-tenant stamps from stamp booklets as well as three additional colour variants of the Luxembourg postage stamp series "National Coat of Arms" open up exciting additional opportunities for collecting.
  • Thoroughly checked and revised designations in the Luxembourg national language complement the German and French listings.
  • Over 2000 colour illustrations and approx. 8000 price appraisals.
  • Novelties until MICHEL-Rundschau 10/2022
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Edition: 8th
Pages: 216
Format: E-book in the MICHEL Online Library
First Day of Sale: 10 November 2022