Great Britain Specialized 2022/2023 (E-book)

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Great Britain Specialized 2022/2023 (E-book)

Content: Great Britain 1840–2022, special list Machin series, overprint strips, stamp booklets, official stamps, postage stamps, telegraph stamps, Guernsey until 1969, Isle of Man until 1971, Jersey until 1969, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Including postal stationery.


  • New edition after 6 years: 150 pages of more information!
  • Valuation explanations and examples of used stamps in graded quality in the introduction facilitate the value assessment of classic issues.
  • One focus of the new edition is on the Machin series with now more than 3000 individual values, additional se-tenants, booklet panes and booklets; the recording and evaluation of the so-called "hidden codes" on these stamps, a popular specialization area for collectors, is now more detailed and clearer than ever before.
  • Further additions and improvements throughout the volume
  • Examination and updating of all price appraisals with many increases for unused classic stamps, for early stamp booklets and for some subspecies of the Machin series.
  • Over 7800 colour photos and approx. 62.000 price appraisals
  • Features all novelties catalogued in MICHEL-Rundschau up to No. 9/2022
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Edition: 12th
Pages: 1152
Format: E-book in the MICHEL Online Library
Publishing House: Schwaneberger verlag
First Day of Sale: 7 Oktober 2022