South America 2020 (Ü 3.1) – Volume 1 A-J

ISBN: 9783954023059

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South America 2020 (Ü 3.1) – Volume 1 A-J


Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, French-Guyana, Guyana.


  • Latin America has so much to offer to fans of classic stamps as well as to collectors of novelties and motifs
  • Price reviews and corrections throughout this edition; modifications, for instance in the collection area of customizable Brazilian stamps
  • Contemporary postal history: In the spring of 2018, a change of the postal services of Bolivia led to interesting handstamp overprints
  • Supplements and improvements made by the Editorial Team, such as overprints from Guyana that had not been catalogued before and ”France Libre” overprint stamps from French Guyana
  • Different appraisals of factory printed cancellation issues and stamps used by the postal system of Guyana in the period of about 1987 to 1993
  • Approx. 17 000 photos and about 67 000 price quotations
  • Novelties presented by MICHEL Rundschau up to No. 5/2020


Edition: 41st
Pages: 1152
Format: Hardcover
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